Start up health check
Fact: Over 90% of startups are doomed to fail.

How confident are you that your startup is not part of this statistic?

Take the Startup Health Check quiz to find out top three reasons your startup might encounter failure – before it’s too late.
Please tell us a little bit about your startup
How long has the startup been established?
What is your company size? (full time employees)
How would you describe the nature of your business?
Do you feel that the evolution of your business is very different from what you expected?
On which channels will your product be launched?
[Select as many as applicable]
Are you able to define your company problem in one sentence?
/ 30
Does other region or country also share the same pain points of the problem you are trying to solve?
Do you have legal support?
How many founders in your company?
How many of the founders are full time?
How often do your co-founders have social gathering ( lunch/dinner, drinks, sports) together in the last 3 months?
Do the founding members take any of the following roles in your company?
What best describe the culture of the co-founders?
[Select as many as applicable]
How many hours of sleep do you get on average?
When was the last time you had a vacation?
Do you and your fellow co-founders feel like there are many options to try and you are not sure which is best?
How was your startup funded?
How would you describe the current financial status of your startup?
What fund raising stage is your startup in?
Do you have any side projects to help generate revenue that might not be part of your core business?
Do you currently have an investor?
How would you rate your relationship to investors in the past 3 months?
Are you planning to expand to other region / country in the next 12 months?
Would having new investors the next 12 months make crucial impact to your company strategy?
Which of the following have you conducted to better understand your potential users?
[Select as many as applicable]
Have you conducted any studies to support your market size projection?
How confident are you in saying that you understand your customers?
Do you know which channels are most effective in recruiting new users for your product?
How confident are you in the effectiveness of you marketing plan?
Have you developed a Persona and/or Mindset for your target users?
Do you have plans to run a pilot test on your marketing campaign?
Are you able to identify the target segments of your customers?
What stage is your product now?
Have you budgeted any time and resources for product validation (testing with real customers) before launch?
Have you budgeted enough cash in case your next product need to delay the launch for at least 3 months?
Do you have a back-up plan if you do not meet expected sales after launching?
Which best describes your product launch strategy?
How is your pricing strategy comparing with your competitors?
Do you know your cost of Goods sold?
Do your customers found your product significantly better than your competitors?
How confident are you with your pricing scheme when comparing with your competitors?
Have you factored how payment and pricing scheme of your service may affect mid to long term user engagement in your strategy?
How do you measure the user-friendliness of your product?
[Select as many as applicable]
Do you have any user acquisition plan?
Have you conducted any usability test before each major release of your product?
Are you a user of your own product?
Do you expect your customers/users feel delighted for the first 15 seconds after they open your APP/product?
Do you conduct reviews on the following with every release of your product?
[Select as many as applicable]
Have you keep track of the learnings and have regular review meetings to make sure those mistakes won’t be repeated next time?
How painful will your users if your product stop providing service tomorrow?
Do you work with remote team members?
Are remote team members based in areas where your company plans to expand?
Do remote team members serve any of the following roles?
[Select as many as applicable]
Thank You.
Based on what you shared with us, we would recommend your team to look into these matters...